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Desmond L Bannon & Sons

A Funeral Service Of Distinction

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About Our Family.

Excellence is in the Detail. Give attention to the detail and excellence will come

We have over the years strived to establish our reputation by providing an exceptional service at an affordable cost.

Using the best products available to the funeral profession we can offer you the best appointed funeral service in Liverpool.

Our fleet of luxury Jaguar Limousines and hearses, attention to detail and personal service sets us apart from all our competitors.

Andrew and Laurence work everyday to keep their fathers good name,


the best name in funerals in Liverpool


Desmond L Bannon & Sons are now one of the only independent family funeral directors left in Liverpool, other such family firms have sold out to multi national company’s losing their local identity and knowledge.

“Bannon’s” is owned and run by the Bannon family, Andrew, Laurence, Avril, Michael, and Sarah Bannon are our family here for your family.

Established in 1920 on Smithdown road in Culshaws, Bannon’s over the years has grown, developed and moved with the times to offer family’s all you would expect from a modern funeral service laced with the tradition and knowledge of times gone by.

We currently have offices and chapels of rest at 6 locations throughout the city.

We offer a full quality range of funerals from the most elaborate of arrangements to the simplest, all taken care of with the utmost respect and dignity under the care of the Bannon family.


Laurence Bannon.            Andrew Bannon.         Michael Bannon

We as a family have sadly had cause to find an undertakers twice over the last 4 years but more recently during this awful pandemic. We have used Bannons on both of these occasions. We have found that Lawrence and all of the members of Bannons have been nothing but kind and professional and have been key in making a very difficult time run as smoothly as possible. I would also like to add that their costs are a lot lower than other local undertakers but with zero impact on the level of services that we have received. We thank you so much

Our Funerals
We believe everyone has the right to a dignified farewell and that is why we have designed a range of options to cater for all needs.  No matter which service you choose you can be assured that you and your loved one will always receive the highest quality of care.
pier heasd.HEIC


Direct Cremation
From £775.00

-Collection of deceased into our care.

-Transportation and a very simple coffin.

-Option to view in chapel.


*Cremation times will be arranged at our discretion.

​* Extra option to view in chapel

*Third party fees (disbursements) to be added.



The Balmoral
From £1285.00

Our Services include,

-Collection of deceased into our care.

-Hearse on the funeral day.

-A wood effect coffin in a light oak colour.

-Crematorium service or graveside service.

-Part Hygienic treatment.

-Simple white gown / personal clothing.

-One Day chapel visitation (9.30-4.30 Mon-Fri ex bank holidays)

-All our professional Services.

*No optional extras available.

*Funerals dates and times arranged at our discretion.

​*Funerals can only take place 10.00am or before, or from 3.00pm onwards.​

*Third party fees (disbursements) to be added.


The Windsor
From £1850.00

Our Services include,

-Collection of deceased into our care.

-Hearse only. (option to include 7 seat Limousine)

-A wood effect veneer coffin in a light oak colour. We Offer a full comprehensive choice of coloured coffins caskets or wicker style coffins, or bespoke designed coffins of your choice.

-Church or Crematorium service.

-No restrictions on chapel visitation.

-Full hygienic treatment.

-Take home/into church.

-All our professional services.

*Third party fees (disbursements) to be added.


Children's Funeral
(up to 16 years of age)
Free Of Charge

Our Services include,

-Collection of deceased into our care.

-Hearse only and (foc) two limousines.

-A coffin (choice of colours and designs)

-Church or Crematorium service.

-No restrictions on chapel visitation.

-Full hygienic treatment (where possible)

-Take home/into church.

-All our professional services.

*Possible third party fees (disbursements) to be added.

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Funeral Packages and Plans.

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Contact Us

The White House, Broad Green Rd, Liverpool L13 5SF, UK

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White House. Monday-Friday 8.00am-4.30pm.

Saturday Morning 9.00-12.00 noon by appointment only.

All branches. Monday-Friday 9.30am-4.30pm.

Saturday Morning 9.00am-12.00 noon by appointment only.

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