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Broad Green Road

The White House is our head office.

Situated on Broad Green Road, we have great links all over the city as we are central to most areas.

The White House History.

We have had a funeral home on Broad Green Road since 1980. Originally at 46 Broad Green Road, that was the family home of Des where his Mother and Father lived. 

After Des passed away in 1997 Andy and Lol moved the operation of the business to the White House over the road from 46 in 1999.

The White House has been a wonderful home to both Andy and Lol, latterly Lol lived there with his wife and 2 girls and only moved out in 2017 before the birth of his son that year.

We are very proud of the building and have welcomed thousands of families through our door into our home.

we are in the process of expanding our chapels and preparation areas, which should be completed early 2022.

The White House 


Zoe Gardner

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Office and Coordination Manager.


Paul Ashmore

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Accounts Manager. Coordinator.

sarah higgo.jpg

Sarah Higgins

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Funeral Arranger.


Katie Graham

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Funeral Arranger. After Funeral Care.

Senior Woman

Claire Vinton

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Funeral Arranger.

Family Hiking

Laura Hinchilffe

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Funeral Arranger.

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