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American Caskets

Featured below is an example of our most popular American caskets families choose.

For a more extensive range please check the link below to the London Casket Co.


Pure white high gloss finish. Nickel hardware and pillared corners. White velvet interior.
Swing bar handles and adjustable bed. Key locking. Memory tube with record insert.



Steel non sealing casket. All gloss white finish, gold finish fixed rail handles with gold shaded line on lid and skirt.
White crepe interior and adjustable bed.


Bespoke Liverpool Football Club

A bespoke red casket in the colours of Liverpool football club. We can incorporate any design of your liking to the casket.


Corpus Christi.

Rich mahogany gloss finish. 'Last Supper' features in lid and on corners. Ivory velvet interior. 
Fixed metal handles and adjustable bed. Key locking and memory tube with record insert.


Platinum Royal

Steel sealing casket, pearl and platinum finish, white velvet interior, nickel finish swing bar handles.
Fully gasketed for an air tight/water  tight seal. Adjustable bed. Memory tube and record insert 


Bespoke Everton Football Club

A bespoke royal blue casket in the colour of Everton Football Club. We can incorporate any design of your liking to the casket.

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